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Compact Disc entitled "Selected Live Performances 2001-2003"
This CD will also be sold at my performances to help sustain the project.

1. Fantasy and Fugue in C Major K.394  
         mp3 - wmp - ra

W.A. Mozart
2. Variations on a Theme of Robert Schumann Op.9
         mp3 - wmp - ra

Johannes Brahms
3-7. Sarcasms Op.17 (1912)
    3.  I Tempestuoso - mp3 - wmp - ra
    4. II Allegro rubato
    5. III Allegro precipitato
    6. IV Smianioso
    7. V Precipitosissimo

Serge Prokofiev
8-14. The Four Temperaments for Piano and Strings
with the Indiana University Orchestra under Ted Taylor
    8-10. Theme A, Theme B, Theme C
    11. Melancholic
    12. Sanguinic - mp3 - wmp - ra
    13. Phlegmatic
    14. Choleric
Paul Hindemith

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