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Pianist Adam Tendler first made national headlines with his landmark America 88x50 project, a fifty-state wide grassroots piano recital touring initiative where for one year he lived on the road and performed impromptu, free concerts of modern American music for out-of-the-way communities and underserved audiences. Since the tour, he has continued to develop a first-of-its-kind, interactive meta-memoir about the tour: The Dissonant States ( This deeply personal and highly anticipated book not only documents the story of America88x50, state-by-state, but also uses the tour itself as a vessel for Tendler to confront, explore, and come-to-terms with a unique sense of national, artistic, and sexual identity.

The newest development in The Dissonant States has been the launch of, an online companion to the book that will provide readers with a resource for media materials collected during the tour and referred to throughout the book (pictures, sound, reviews, and video) while also providing behind-the-scenes glimpses at the editing and proposal process of The Dissonant States, as well as background information to each chapter, alternate passages, insights into each chapter's composition, and candid, unapologetic reflections from Tendler's current adventures in New York City.

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